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We Might Be Living in the Matrix

The 6 Most WTF Scientific Theories About Existence The universe is a really strange place, and as science progresses, it just keeps looking weirder. So when fringe theories like the below come about, your first impulse is to laugh them off, but then you think, “Is it really that much stranger than what we know…

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Time Is An Illusion

If this is True it Could Open up So Many Possibilities You may have once heard – from a cool science teacher or over-exuberant guest at a “hip” dinner party – that time isn’t real. And while this statement isn’t necessarily untrue, the core precept behind it (sometime called the B-theory of time) actually states that time is an illusion. Put…

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25 Strangest Science Theories

I believe that only by letting our imagination run wild, will we be able to continue to push the boundaries of science and achieve a greater future. Here is a list of some of the craziest science theories:

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